Our Services 


Afro Legal Consultants go the extra mile to provide what clients too seldom receive even from the largest firms: the right level of staffing for any matter, clear and informal communication on paper and in person, a practical understanding of business needs developed by working in partnership with each client. We provide extra service beyond billable services, by working with client staff to avoid duplication of effort, attending board and shareholder meetings to provide legal perspective, and making introductions among our clients to facilitate business development.

Afro Legal Consultants always strive to give its clients additional service beyond the fees it charges. The knowledge our team gained in their learning activities is shared and conveyed to our clients by providing in-house training, regular notice on public policy developments, conducting seminars and issuance of newsletter concerning legal news. When other firms may seem to focus on maximizing billable hours, we earn our clients trust by offering real value as partners and legal professionals. 

Labour matters:

  • Unfair Dismissals
  • Unfair and inappropriate working conditions
  • Assistance with disciplinary proceedings and hearings
  • Unfair Retrenchments
  • Unpaid wages and unauthorised salary deductions
  • Unfair Demotions
  • Discrimination
  • Restraint of trade agreements

Criminal Matters:

  • Submitting the bail application
  • Court proceedings

Civil Matters:

  • Contract disputes (employment, lease etc.)
  • Repossession
  • Divorce cases
  • Pension claims
  • Eviction cases
  • Rental claims
  • Bodily injury
  • Damage to property
  • Insurance claims
  • Installments disputes
  • Medical aid 
  • Delictual damages

Company Law and Commercial Matters:

  • Drafting documents necessary for the establishment of all types of South African legal entities (businesses) and also representation before the respective competent authorities
  • Drafting all types of Commercial Agreements
  • Providing legal consultancies in connection to the company structures, incorporating branches of local and foreign legal entities and non-profit organizations
  • Obtaining the necessary administrative approvals, registrations and licenses depending on the particular industry fields
  • Providing consultancies in all matters concerning the convention of managing bodies and preparing the agenda of the general meeting; drafting minutes, resolutions, etc
  • Business Rescue and liquidation of companies

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